Why Armageddon

Tradeshow inside of a large convention center

We realize you have a number of companies you can choose among as your security partner when you are in Chicago. So, how will you make your final decision?  Will it be based on price?  References?  Referrals from a trusted source? Perhaps you will be impressed by their responsiveness to your questions or RFP.  Maybe the questions they ask you will show the depth of their commitment to providing a quality proposal in a cost-efficient manner.  

As you peruse the websites, sales literature, and emails from each company bidding for your business, you will probably notice they are all similar in tone and language.  Trade show security is actually simple, but not at all easy.  If done well, it requires a careful balance of both security and a high degree of customer service.  Each show or event is unique, with different policies and procedures.  It is imperative to partner with an organization which recognizes this  and takes the time and effort to determine the specific needs of each client.

The Armageddon Group is a Chicago-based, full-service trade show and event security organization  We provide services for trade and public shows, as well as small conferences and meetings. Our focus is entirely on the event security industry.  We have been in business continuously since 1979. Other event security companies have come and gone during that time while Armageddon has remained a leader in the very competitive Chicago trade show market.

So, why choose Armageddon as your security partner for your trade show, professional meeting or booth security? We can promise you this:

We realize it is the culmination of many hours of hard work and the expenditure of time and money on the part of your association or organization; the exhibitors who are promoting their products and services; and your attendees. We are committed to providing the most professional, cost-effective security for your event.

They are constantly asked questions, ranging from the location of restrooms to directions to the parking lots or public transportation and everything in between. Each employee is thoroughly briefed on all relevant information. Our supervisors and onsite management act as quality control and backup for our employees.

Ed Rake, the Managing Director, Trade Shows will be there from move-in to move-out during all active hours until the show floor is closed. They will be your contacts and you will be provided 24 hour phone numbers.

We do this so you can concentrate on the many other issues which will inevitably occur onsite.

Of course, we all started out as teenagers! Armageddon has been in continuous business for over 40 years. Yet, we realize each event is a new challenge and opportunity to enhance our reputation and carry on the Armageddon tradition.

Why do clients trust Armageddon with their events? They speak for themselves.

“During my tenure as Security Director, I worked with many security companies. In Chicago, my company of choice was Armageddon. I have used them on several events, most notably as my lead security company for Star Wars Celebration, a large, complex event with many moving parts and last-minute adjustments. Armageddon offered invaluable advice and suggestions for developing an effective and cost-efficient security plan. Once onsite, the owner and upper management were present and very hands-on in managing the security operation. They were able to adjust to changes quickly and effectively. I have high expectations and standards for the companies I use and Armageddon meets them. Their employees are professional, courteous, and helpful. Ownership and upper management have decades of experience at the highest levels and are present throughout the process, from the development of a security plan to the conclusion of the event. Without reservation, I would recommend Armageddon as a security partner for any trade or public show.”
Mark Bartlett | Security Director, Operations Group
Reed Exhibitions